When Grosvenor was established in the 1990’s we coined the phrase ‘Training to Make a Difference’ and this philosophy still underpins our approach to everything we do. We believe that training, like any other investment, needs to make a contribution to the bottom line, however measured, be that in the Public, Private or Voluntary sector.

Taking a considered approach to training interventions and expected outcomes our approach is founded on the quality of our people, who work with your people to successfully bring about the development you need through inspiration, motivation and knowledge. Our style of delivery takes in a wide mix of training methods and tools and the style of training depends on the preferred learning styles of delegates, selected training courses, duration, location and budget. From sensitively facilitated team workshops, major management development programmes, coaching an individual through a challenge, working with actors to create reality and impact, live telephone recordings for voice training, or on the job sales training with real customers – the choice is vast – and it’s yours…

We have over 20 years of experience.

As a ‘full service provider’ we also have the capacity to help with vocational qualifications and apprenticeships through our Grosvenor Group partner Campus Training.

We also pride ourselves on superb customer service not only in respect of the services we provide but also in the administrative and logistical support and communication we deliver during and after a project.

Delivered and managed by a wide range of training and development specialists

Jo Bridger

Managing Director of Grosvenor Training

With an accomplished and highly knowledgeable background, Jo as the Managing Director of the worldwide Training Provider; Grosvenor Training, has enormous understanding of the Training sector and this is shown through the continued success and expansion of the company. She has a hand in all aspects of the business and because of her vast experience within the industry she is able to effectively work within many different sectors. Jo orchestrates the direction of the company moving forward and the development of new areas of business which are continually growing and being added to.

Barry Wright

Director Grosvenor USA

Barry relocated to the United States from his native England in 1981 (on the 4th of July), after his remarkable success as one of the U.K.’s top salespeople. With six years of sales success behind him as a “quota-buster” in the highly competitive office equipment/supplies industry with Xerox, Pitney Bowes, IBM, and VGC Corp., where he applied his sales and leadership expertise to coaching and training others. Barry was educated at Wimbledon College, London, graduating with a H.N.C. in Business Studies. He has resided in Paris, Brussels, and Toronto, and is now based in Los Angeles.

Karen Morton

Training & Development and Motivational Speaker

Karen spent a good part of her early career in PR, marketing and broadcasting incorporating into her portfolio various types of major launches including hotels, toys, art and electrical goods. She has organised major exhibitions and launches in Ireland, the UK and the USA . Karen has trained in the UK, Europe and the USA and has a style of training which is informative, fun and motivational. Her ability to create rapport with delegates and clients is second to none. Her vast experience within industry has meant that she has enormous understanding of many sectors allowing her to fully customise training programmes to the specifics of the clients. Karen also plays a major part in the direction of the company and the development of new areas of business. She also acts as a facilitator and conference speaker.

Keith Crampton

Manager Public Sector/Local Government Training

After a successful career in Business Systems Analysis, Keith moved into generalist HR work and shortly afterwards specialised in Learning and Development. Having worked in both Local Government and the NHS as an in house Training Manager for 14 years, Keith moved into training consultancy full time in 1996. Keith is an experienced professional having worked in the private, public and voluntary sector. he combines a results focused business like approach to training with a caring, fun and supportive style. Keith has undertaken facilitation work including change and partnerships working. He is also an experienced Executive Coach working with people at all levels. He blends a wide range of approaches including the use of NLP techniques. Keith has delivered and developed a wide range of Courses and workshops relating to Communication and Management Skills for a number of major clients. Keith has experience of the development and implementation of major policy within the public sector organisations.

In addition we have a small pool of trainers that we call on to deliver training or to undertake coaching assignments. We only use people we know, who have been selected by us and who are right for the client. We only use the very best for your people's development